#LyricsPoem (13)

Sing for absolution
I will be singing
Falling from your grace

(Sing for Absolution – Muse)

On bended knee is no way to be free
Lifting up an empty cup I ask silently
That all my destinations will accept the one that’s me
So I can breath

(Guaranteed – Eddie Vedder)

Are you lost or incomplete?
Do you feel like a puzzle, you can’t find your missing piece?
Tell me, how do you feel?
Well, I feel like they’re talking in a language I don’t speak
And they’re talking it to me

(Talk – Coldplay)

Now I’m naked, nothing but an animal
But can you fake it, for just one more show?
And what do you want?
I want to change
And what have you got, when you feel the same?
Even though I know, I suppose I’ll show
All my cool and cold, like old job
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

(Bullet With Butterfly Wings – Smashing Pumpkins)